Chianti itineraries



Chianti Itineraires

Castello di Spaltenna suggests 8 Itineraries through the wonderful lands of Chianti to discover the most authentic Tuscany, including medieval villages, valuable oil and wines.


Itinerary 1: From Vertine to Greve in Chianti

This excursion goes from the picturesque medieval village of Vertine, and continues to the cashmere artisan production factories “Chianti Cashmere”, Radda in Chianti, Villa Vignamaggio and gets to Greve in Chianti.

In Rada, it is worth visiting the Podestà palace, San Niccolò Church and the Sacred Art Museum, while Villamaggio is the fascinating background that inspired Da Vinci for the worldwide famous Mona Lisa.

Also worth a visit, is the peculiar Chianti city Greve in Chianti.

The excursion highlights:

  • Vertine
  • Chianti Cashmere
  • Radda in Chianti
  • Villa Vignamaggio
  • Greve in Chianti

Itinerary 2: From Coltimbuono to Brolio

From Badia in Coltibuono, a traditional oil and wine factory, you can get to Rocca di Montegrossi, another well-known factory in Chianti. The Castello di Meleto is a real jewel of the area you don’t want to miss. From here you can reach Castagnoli, where a superb Classic Chianti is produced, to finally get to Brolio Castle, that belongs to the Ricasoli aristocratic family, prestigious worldwide labels exporters.

The excursion highlights:

  • Badia in Coltibuono
  • Rocca di Montegrossi
  • Castello di Meleto
  • Castagnoli
  • Brolio Castle

Itinerary 3: Siena

An excursion dedicated to the wonderful city of Sienna, with its Dome featuring works by Michelangelo, Donatello, Bernini, the Dome Opera Museum, the Civic Museum and the Mangia Tower in Piazza del Campo, where the most famous “Palio” annual horse race in Italy takes place.

The excursion highlights:

  • Dome
  • OPA
  • Civic Museum
  • Mangia tower

Itinerary 4: Cortona

Cortona preserves valuable monuments and landscapes: the famous Accademia Etrusca MAEC Museum, the Dome, Saint Francis Le Celle Hermitage, immersed in absolute peace and silence, and the Sanctuary named after Saint Margaret from Cortona, a wonderful Church featuring a wide range of frescoes where the Saint is visited by the Holy Spirit on different occasions.

The excursion highlights:

  • MAEC –Accademia Etrusca Museum
  • Museo Diocesano
  • Dome
  • Piazza della Repubblica
  • Piazza Garibaldi
  • Lunch at Tuscher Bar
  • San Francis Le Celle Hermitage
  • Il Girifalco Fortress
  • Saint Margaret Sanctuary

Itinerary 5: Da Vinci Track

An itinerary fully dedicated to Da Vinci, who lived in this Chianti area and got his inspiration from it, from Villa Vignamaggio till Ponte a Buriano, where you can find the same bridge that is in the background of the Mona Lisa.

The excursion highlights:

  • Villa Vignamaggio 
  • Visit Piantravigne ledges and village
  • Visita a Loro Ciuffenna e Pieve a Gropina
  • Panoramic “seven bridges” walk
  • Buriano Bridge

Itinerary 6: San Gimignano And Monteriggioni

You can’t miss the village of San Gimignano, with its medieval towers, Piazza della Cisterna, the incredible Torture Museum, and the near Monteriggioni, set in the wonderful Chianti landscapes.

The excursion highlights:

  • Visit San Gimignano town centre
  • Visit Monteriggioni town centre

Itinerary 7: Santa Maria Parish Church in Spaltenna

This is a leap into the legend surrounding the Spaltenna and its ancient Parish Church.

This, like its “sisters” San Giusto in Salcio, San Polo in Rosso, San Marcellino and San Vincenti, is a rural settlement from the time of the Romans.

Each church is constructed from the same blueprint that contains a nave and two side aisles separated by pillars with a quadrangular section, concluded by a semicircular apse.

Its wall facing in narrow rows of ash-coloured albarese stone, is particularly charming and unique, and it characterizes the high bell tower at the side of the façade.

The two towers at the corners are placed at the foot of the big structure and some embrasures testify to the nature of the building.

An important excursion to fully understand the history of the castle you are staying at.

Itinerary 8: Trekking Paths

For those who love walking and trekking, Spaltenna suggests a series of itineraries from 9 to 12 kms through Chianti. The landscape, the paths within the woods, the rich variety of plants and flowers Chianti, is strewn with are the protagonists in these itineraries.

  • 1. Spaltenna - Frabecchi - Montegrossi - Badia a Coltibuono - Spaltenna (10km)
  • 2. Spaltenna - Frabecchi - M.Muro - Barbischio – Spaltenna (11km)
  • 3. Spaltenna - Meleto - Castagnoli - Barbischio - Spaltenna (9km)
  • 4. Spaltenna - Adine - Galenda - S.Giusto in Salcio - Vertine - Spaltenna (12km)
  • 5. Spaltenna - Vertine - San Donato in Perano - Cetamura - Coltibuono - Spaltenna (9km)