Luxury hotel Chianti



Castello di Spaltenna

A Tuscan Fairytale

There are places in Tuscany where time seems to have stopped. Places full of history but familiar at the same time. Places that, once discovered, you would never wish to leave. Castello di Spaltenna, a charming hotel situated in Gaiole in Chianti, is one of these places.

The Medieval Parish Church and the fortified walls, surrounded by hectares of forests and vineyards, now host an exclusive hotel in Chianti, but still preserve the same ancient grace and pride.

Here, staff are ready to welcome everyone in a special and personalized way. You will find rooms that invoke dream and peaceful relaxation. You will have a talented and passionate chef consistently creating gastronomic arrays of food everyday. Our food is in sync with the natural rhythm of the seasons, and always faithful to the local traditions. Lastly you can enjoy Spaltenna Castle, which are our original scented Wines of the highest and most authentic quality were first enjoyed by royalty.