Castello di Spaltenna

Art and Ceramic Workshop

In front of the beautiful church our shop is ready to welcoming you. It is a small place that smells of ripe must, lavender and perfumes that release all the essences of this Tuscan land.

In the shop you can buy our Castle’s wine, oil and cosmetics produced in Tuscany.

In addition to this,  you will find a ceramic workshop where majolica pieces for everyday use and "unique" art pieces are created. These objects reflect the personality of the Tuscan artist who creates them: Nicoletta Penco. You can take home a special memory or order personalized pieces.

Inside the Art and Ceramics Shop it is also possible to test your creativity through a unique experience: painting your own plate which will remind you over time of the unforgettable holiday spent at the Castle!


We would like to inform you that it is possible to order our wines and ceramics online and receive them at your home.